For our client idea, we take full responsibility to create a new big E-commerce site that will grow fast. Our team worked 1 year on the client’s idea and create an e-commerce site that generates +20.000 € profit in the first year focusing on long term strategy.



The client wants to hire a team that is capable to build and create the best possible e-commerce site with the full strategy on how to do things online.Our task was also to find a long term strategy that can go against a big competitor's weaknesses.

woonderstore case study


We design a simple, effective, fast and easy to use e-commerce shop that will be ready for growth hacking for the next 5 years. We also create growth hacking processes for 3 online people what they need to do, to maximize their time and efficiency. We prepper all templates and teach them how to use them.


+440.000 pageviews
+20.000 € first year profit
-28.21% bounce rate
+37.000 unique visitors
+6.23% pages per session
+2.23% average session duration

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